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Where is Vic looking?
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Un homme et une femme (Claude Lelouch - 1966)
Anouk Aimée & Jean-Louis Trintignant
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Daily dose of love quotes here
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Daily dose of love quotes here
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I thought you’d be the person I could always turn to..
Someone who made me forget about everything, family bullshit, school, all the world’s pressure.
With you, time flew by and with every look in your eyes I fell in love deeper into the world of the dead. I knew once you break me that’ll be it, it’s too much..
You just decided to have some fun at a disco, made me feel like a worthless piece of shit. Oh, you’re sorry, really sorry?
It’s pathetic how you tried to explain yourself by saying you were drunk.. I can’t cope anymore, nothing started yet and you already fucked up. At least you’re aware of it.
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